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With effect from 1 April 2016 Agenda and Minutes will be available in both Welsh and English. Reports are working documents and produced in English only in accordance with Welsh Language Standard 41 of this Council’s Final Compliance Notice from the Welsh Language Commissioner.

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Apologies for Absence

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Apologies for absence were submitted on behalf of Councillors Michael Dixon, Marc Jones, Paul Jones, Tina Mannering and Paul Roberts.


Declarations of personal interests, if any

Members are reminded of their responsibility, under Paragraph 11 of the Members’ Code of Conduct, to declare the existence and nature of any personal interest in respect of any of the business to be transacted at this meeting.

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There were no declarations of personal interest.


Erection of 2 No. semi-detached two bedroom dwellings and formation of new accesses to highway at 50 Stryt Issa, Pen-y-cae, Wrexham (Application Code No. P/2018/0925). pdf icon PDF 229 KB

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The Head of Environment and Planning submitted a report in respect of the above-mentioned application and the Planning Control Lead explained the proposal to Members of the Committee.


The Local Member (Councillor John Phillips) indicated his objection to the application as, in his opinion, the proposed development due to its scale, layout and overall appearance would represent an over-development of the site and would have an adverse impact on the existing streetscene.  The amended plans have also placed the dwellings further towards the highway and there was no provision for the turning of vehicles on site.  The proposed driveways were onto a busy road where traffic speeds regularly exceeded the 20mph speed limit and were located close to a bend.  The volume and speed of traffic along Stryt Issa together with the reduction in space available for vehicles reversing from the site to view on-coming traffic would, in his opinion, have a detrimental impact on highway safety at this location. Therefore, he requested that permission be refused.


During consideration of the application Members sought further clarification with regard to proposed Conditions 9 and 10.  It was suggested that, if Members were minded to grant permission, all references to turning areas be deleted from Condition No. 9.  With reference to Condition No.10, it was suggested that the wording be amended to provide for a 2.0m wide footway  along the entire frontage of the two proposed dwellings and the existing site frontage of No.50 Stryt Issa.  This was agreed by the Committee.  


RESOLVED – That permission be GRANTED in accordance with the recommendation of the Head of Environment and Planning as set out in report HEP/04/19 together with the following additional amendments to  Condition Nos. 09 and 10:


Amend Condition 09

The vehicular parking areas as shown on approved drawing(s) No. 1888-02 shall be fully laid out, surfaced and drained prior to first use of the development.  These areas shall thereafter be permanently retained and kept free of any obstruction, and made available solely for the parking of motor vehicles at all times.

Reason: To provide for the parking of vehicles clear of the highway in the interests of traffic safety.


Amend Condition 10

Prior to first use of the development a 2.0m wide footway shall be constructed along the entire site frontage of the two dwellings hereby approved and the entire frontage of No.50 Stryt Issa in strict accordance with a scheme which has first been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.  The scheme shall include details of the removal of sections of existing boundary walls at the western and eastern boundaries of the land subject to this planning permission to enable the footway to connect to the existing footways abutting those respective boundaries.