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Agenda and minutes

With effect from 1 April 2016 Agenda and Minutes will be available in both Welsh and English. Reports are working documents and produced in English only in accordance with Welsh Language Standard 41 of this Council’s Final Compliance Notice from the Welsh Language Commissioner.

Venue: Meeting Room 1, Guildhall

Contact: Marie Russell  Committee Officer

No. Item


Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were submitted on behalf of Councillors Dana Davies and D J Griffiths..



Declarations of personal interests, if any


There were no declarations of interest.



Confirmation of Minutes pdf icon PDF 68 KB

To confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the Meeting held on 3 November 2016.


The Minutes of the meeting held on 3 November 2016 were submitted.


AGREED – That the Minutes of the meeting held on 3 November 2016 be received and confirmed as a correct record.



Proposed Member Induction 2017 pdf icon PDF 125 KB

To consider the report of the Head of Democratic Services.




The Head of Democratic Services submitted a report (HCCS/04/17) allowing Members to consider a proposed outline Member Induction Programme for implementation following the May 2017 local elections.


In introducing the report, the Head of Democratic Services advised that Nigel Lawrence should be named as the contact officer for the Personal Safety Guidelines training and not Trevor Coxon, as noted on the draft programme.


During discussion the following points were noted:


·         The Workforce Development Lead Officer confirmed that enabling Members to access e-learning via their iPads remained a priority.  She further stated that the NHS All Wales Academy Site would be introduced this week and that bitesize modules would be piloted in the first instance. 

·         Members requested that a direct link to the e-learning modules be made available on their iPads.

·         The need for a clearer distinction between core and mandatory training.  It was noted that Members would not be permitted to sit on Planning Committee or Licensing Committee without first receiving specific training.

·         One Member suggested that mentor training should be provided for those Members volunteering themselves as such, within their political groups.  The Workforce Development Lead Officer advised that this could be provided ‘in-house’.

·         In recognition of the fact that some new Members, along with existing Members, would find it difficult to attend meetings during normal working hours (e.g. those employed on a shift pattern basis), there was a request for greater flexibility within the training timetable to allow later start times for repeat training sessions. The HoDS reminded Members  that Council had previously taken a decision that meetings would commence no later than 4.00 pm. and that the Guildhall building closed at 7.00 pm.  The HoDS did however agree to raise Members concerns with the Head of Corporate and Customer Services to establish if different options for delivering later sessions of training could be explored. 

·         As a key part of the induction programme, it was AGREED that a repeat session of the Induction with CE/SDs/HODs should be arranged.

·         A Member requested that the content of the Scrutiny Training needed to emphasise the fact that it was a non-political forum designed to challenge and scrutinise rather than to just ‘note’ reports.

·         Members were concerned that a number of outlook accounts for retired employees had not been closed and made a request for group leaders to receive regular updates on work force changes to management tiers.  The HoDS agreed to circulate a copy of the new structure and contact details for key officers.





(i)            That the proposed induction programme is recommended to Council for approval for implementation following the May 2017 elections, subject to the aforementioned, namely:

·         a clearer explanation of ‘core’ and ‘mandatory’ training.

·         a repeat session of the Induction with CE/SDs/HODs should be arranged.


(ii)               Members continue to access development opportunities detailed in the Member Development Plan, coordinated by Workforce Development.