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To consider the report of the Head of Finance


The Head of Finance submitted a report to assist Members in agreeing a list of potential scrutiny topic areas for the next 12 months and possibly longer term.


The Scrutiny Facilitator (Suzanne Price) introduced the report and advised that every scrutiny committee has been encouraged to review its work programme to ensure that it was outcome focussed and that scrutiny added value to the Council’s decision making process.  In addition to regular items awaiting to be scheduled, the Committee has identified several budget related issues at its December 2017 meeting, Police Community Support Officers and certain areas of Adult Social Care, and these have been included within the work programme.  An All-Member Workshop on Telecare had been arranged for Tuesday, 17 April 2018 at 10.00am at the Guildhall, Wrexham.


Members considered the report and raised the following matters in particular:


·         Following the response from Huw Irranca-Davies to the Chair’s letter on proposed Welsh Government financial support for the statutory Play Sufficiency Duty, Members agreed its content be noted and no further action be taken.


·         Further consideration should be given to how scrutiny can be included within the Revenue Budget preparation timetable.  The Scrutiny Facilitator reminded Members that the Head of Finance had been invited to the March meeting of the Scrutiny Chairs and Vice Chairs Co-ordinating Group to discuss this matter.


·         That the meeting with Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) arranged for Monday, 30 April, 2018 be confirmed and questions from Members to be submitted to the March meeting of this committee.  It was further agreed to recommend to the Scrutiny Chairs and Vice Chairs Co-ordinating Group that the meeting be webcast. 


·         It was suggested that the Governor of HMP Berwyn be invited to attend a meeting of this Scrutiny Committee to discuss the operation of the prison.  If the invitation was accepted and due to the perceived public interest in this matter, the meeting be considered for web-casting.


·         A Member suggested that the Council’s policy for Home Schooling for Children be identified as a topic for further scrutiny.


The Chair commented that the next stage will be for the Scrutiny Facilitator to consult with the relevant Lead Members and officers, and submit a revised programme of work together with Scrutiny Topic Selection Forms for any new topics identified, to the March meeting of this Scrutiny Committee.


AGREED – That the report be noted and that the Chair writes to the Governor of HMP Berwyn to invite him to attend a meeting of this Scrutiny Committee .

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