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Agenda item

Community Safety Partnership Performance Report

To consider the report of the Head of Finance.


(Members declaration of interest in relation to this Agenda Item are set out in Minute 28 above).


The Head of Finance submitted a report (HF/122/18s) which enabled consideration to be given to the adoption of a revised Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Protocol together with the Quarter 2 Performance against the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) 2018/19 Delivery Plan.  The report also included an update on the Committee’s views and recommendations from the previous meeting (March 2018).   A copy of the revised Protocol was attached at Appendix 1, the CSP Delivery Plan 2018/19 at Appendix 2 and Quarter 2 Performance against the Delivery Plan at Appendix 4a and 4b to the report.  The report had been submitted to meet the statutory requirement to perform the functions of a crime and disorder scrutiny committee in order to review and / or scrutinise decisions in connection with the discharge of crime and disorder by the Responsible Authorities.


The Vice-Chair welcomed the Lead Member for People – Communities, Partnerships, Public Protection and Community Safety (Councillor Hugh Jones), Lee Robinson (in his capacity as Chair of CSP) and Inspector Mark Williams, North Wales Police to the meeting.


The Scrutiny Facilitator introduced the report and provided an update on those recommendations arising from the previous Committee  meeting held in March 2018.  A training session on County Lines / Modern Slavery for Members has been arranged for February 2019.  With reference to the number of private hire and hackney carriage drivers that had received mandatory training on Child Sexual Exploitation, the Licensing Service shared the concern of Members and the Council were now offering free training sessions to drivers during November 2018 to March 2019 with take up rates being reported back to the Environmental Licensing Committee.


The Lead Member together with Lee Robinson and Inspector Mark Williams then gave a brief overview of the partnership strategic priorities agreed by Wrexham CSP for 2018/19.   The 5 priority areas span the whole age range from children to the elderly and focussed on the vulnerable. They then provided further information on the work being undertaken to progress each priority area within the Delivery Plan.


Members then considered the report and there was a general consensus that the revised Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Protocol between Wrexham County Borough Council and the Community Safety Partnership be adopted. 


With reference to the Quarter 2 Performance against the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) 2018/19 Delivery Plan the following matters were raised in particular:


Priority 1 – Reduce violence against women, domestic abuse, and sexual violence (VAWDASV).


·         A  Member queried whether the roll out of Universal Credit and the payment of the benefit to one person could be a contributory factor in the increase of Domestic Violence.    Inspector Williams said that evidence was not available to make any comment on this matter.  Other factors, such as improvements in the services provided by North Wales Police and other agencies, has also increased the confidence of victims in reporting instances of domestic violence.

·         Members acknowledged the continued good work being undertaken by Cat’s Paw Theatre company in increasing young people’s awareness of healthy relationships and elements of Child Sex Exploitation within the Council’s secondary schools.  (Priority 1)


Priority 2 – Tackle anti-social behaviour.

·         A Member commented that incidents of anti-social behaviour, particularly arson and the use of off-road motorbikes, was still prevalent in many areas within the County Borough.  

·         Inspector Williams commented that the Community Safety Partnership  were undertaking a pro-active approach in tackling anti-social behaviour, particularly within Wrexham town centre.   High profile police patrols in the most affected areas, and the introduction of innovative work undertaken with schools, the Fire and Rescue Service and other agencies has led to a reduction in recorded levels of anti-social behaviour.

·         The intervention work undertaken by WCBC Housing Enforcement in tackling cases of ASB locally was noted.

·         Reference was made to the multi-agency work being undertaken through the Gold Command Strategic Group to address and reduce concerns of anti-social behaviour linked to New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) within Wrexham town centre.  The Lead Member commented that this was an exemplar service and had received national recognition, however, challenges remained in securing future funding and mainstreaming the rapid referral processes within Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board Substance Misuse Service.

·         With reference to developing community resilience, one of the Local Members (Councillor Krista Childs) commented upon the work being undertaken in Coedpoeth and the success achieved by the installation of CCTV at strategic locations within the village. 


Priority 3 – Reduce the harm that substance misuse and alcohol causes to communities, families and individuals. 

·         Inspector Mark Williams commented that due to the change in crime recording standards since April 2018, comparative figures for 2017/18 were not available and a new baseline for the levels of alcohol related violence in Wrexham town centre was being established.


Priority 4 -  Develop our community resilience by focusing on Modern slavery, PREVENT, Hate Crime and Community Tension Monitoring.

·         Further information was sought on the number of instances of Modern Slavery within Wrexham.  In response, Inspector Williams commented that this was a ‘hidden crime’ and not encountered on a regular basis.  In addition to a significant amount of police resources being allocated at a national and local level, making this one of the CSP priorities allowed for a multi-agency approach to raise public awareness and enabled cross organisational working to be undertaken to tackle such crime.


Priority 5 – Engage with communities to provide re-assurance and increase public confidence

·         Inspector Mark Williams commented that the increase in the recorded level of victim based crime during the reporting period was due to improvements in the integrity of crime recording whereby a single crime could result in multiple offences being recorded, rather than an increase in offending.  An analysis of the evidence has indicated that there had only been a small increase in the overall number of calls from the public and the number of incidents dealt with by the police.   

·         A Member commented that many instances of low-level anti-social behaviour may go unrecorded within their communities due to the length of time taken for operators to answer 101 calls. 




(i)         That the revised Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Protocol between Wrexham County Borough Council and the Community Safety Partnership be adopted. 

(ii)        That the Quarter 2 Performance against the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) 2018/19 Delivery Plan be noted

(iii)       That the next Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Committee meeting be held in 6 months.

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