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Ty Pawb

To consider the report of the Lead Member for People – Communities, Partnerships Public Protection and Community Safety 



The Lead Member for People – Communities, Partnerships Public Protection and Community Safety submitted a report (HHE/45/18s) which allowed Members an opportunity to review and comment on the operational and financial performance of Pawb during its first seven months of opening. 


In introducing the report, the Lead Member referred to the many successes associated with the project, asking Members to note that it was delivered on time and within budget.  He also advised that the current forecast suggested that the number of visitors to Pawb within its first 12 months would twice exceed the initial prediction.  He also conveyed his personal thanks to all the key officers involved in the project for their hard work and commitment.


During the debate, the following points were raised, in particular:


·         Some concern from Members that they were not able to draw meaningful conclusions from the financial information provided as revisions had been made to areas of income and expenditure compared to the original Fourth Street Business Plan.  Officers provided an explanation of the current figures and how they compared to those provided in the original plan.

·         Suggestion that the some of the income target figures within the report were set too low and needed to be more ambitious.  It was suggested that these be reviewed.

·         Acknowledgment that there had been a number of minor teething problems during the first weeks of opening including failure to produce a programme of events.  It was also noted that during the Octoberfest event there had been a number of unfortunate incidents whereby members of the public had been denied access through one of the entrances. Officers advised that this had been a learning process and that this type of event would not be held at Pawb in the future.

·         Concern from some Members that it was not possible to compare footfall with the previous market layout due to lack of counters previously. 

·         Suggestion that the measure of success should not be based purely on monetary terms and that the positive impact the various learning and cultural experiences offered to young people and adults at Pawb, for example, should be recognised.

·         Acknowledgment that Education and Social Services had a significant level of input in the activities provided at Pawb.

·         Acknowledgement that Pawb had a co-operative approach with other venues and that there was a huge level of good will within the creative community in Wrexham.

·         Acknowledgment that the traders were an integral part of the Pawb experience and of its success.

·         The Arts Council for Wales, which had invested in the building, had been extremely positive in terms of its feedback and an application had been made for further funding.




(i)            That the Committee acknowledge the significant development and the success of Pawb and convey their thanks to everyone involved.

(ii)          That the annual performance monitoring report for the first 12 months of operation of Pawb be scheduled in 2019.  Report to include the following:-

·         More detailed breakdown of income and expenditure

·         Action Plan of the Pawb Advisory Board

·         Feedback from volunteers, traders and visitors to Pawb.


Supporting documents: