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ASC Day and Employment Opportunities Phase 1 & 2

To consider the report of the Lead Member for People – Health & Adult Social Care


The Lead Member for People – Health and Adult Social Care submitted a report COSC/04/19s which allowed Members to review the progress made in providing alternative opportunities to service users of Adult Social Care Day & Work Opportunities, following the decision of the Executive Board (October 2018) to support the reshaping of the service.  The report also provided assurance to members that service users will continue to receive a quality service from the local authority following changes to the service provision.


The Lead Member presented the report and highlighted the main points for consideration.  Members were shown a short film entitled “We Leave Our Labels at the Door”.  The film was made by service users about people with disabilities being made to feel individual and accepted.  Members noted that the film won best Community Short Film at the Iris Prize awards.


A presentation was given which provided information on the Wrexham Safe Places Scheme under the following headings:


·         Welcome to Wrexham Safe Places

·         What are Safe Places?

·         Safe Place cards and application forms

·         Community Volunteers


A discussion ensued and the following matters were highlighted during the debate:


·         Confirmation that the aim of the scheme is to strengthen links with communities

·         Clarification sought with regards to the Safe Places scheme. Officers advised that a safe place is a venue that volunteers to support vulnerable people whilst they are out in the community.

·         Acknowledgement that Wrexham is the first place in North Wales to run the scheme and the SWS Group (Standards of Wrexham’s Services) provide training to those who sign up.

·         Confirmation that an All Member Workshop on Co-production for Changes Within Work and Day Opportunities had taken place in December 2018.

·         Update provided on ways of promoting the scheme, such as plans to visit Community Councils, discussions with Libraries and the Town Centre Forum.

·         Clarification sought in regards to funding and resources of the project – Officers commented that eventually service users would lead on the project.

·         Suggestion that the Guildhall be listed as a safe place.


A discussion ensued regarding the Review of Day and Employment Services and the following matters were highlighted during the debate:


·         Assurance that service users will continue to receive a quality service following changes to the provision. Officers reminded members that the focus was not necessarily to provide identical services to those previously provided by the council but on exploring with clients what activities and opportunities that they wanted and the kind of support they would require to enable them to do so.

·         Officers confirmed that support workers continued to work with clients to explore their options.

·         Officers confirmed that DBS checks were not required for members of the public who might work alongside clients.

·         Officers indicated that any clients who had concerns should make these concerns known to the Department.





·         Confirmation that Social Services staff had received training to prepare them for moving forward.

·         Officers confirmed that services were being modernised to meet statutory duties under the Social Services Wellbeing (Wales) Act.

·         Officers confirmed that the modernisation would contribute to efficiencies.


Members expressed their thanks to the Officers and Service Users for their achievements in providing 46 safe places to date, and for their input at today’s Meeting.





(i)         That the Safeguarding Communities and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee congratulates the Officers, staff and the Lead Member in the progress of the migration from the previous service to the present service at this time.


(ii)        That Members welcome the presentation on Safer Places, and as a Committee will help in promoting this throughout the Council and within our own communities.

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