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Committee details

Homes and Environment Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

Terms of Reference:


“To ensure that we support the delivery of homes that meet people’s needs and aspirations in well connected communities. To ensure that we are an environmentally responsible County Borough”.


Priority 1 of Council Theme of ‘Place’ - Homes that meet people’s needs and aspirations


Council Plan Measures:

·         The number of new units of affordable housing

·         The percentage of all potentially homeless households for whom homelessness was prevented for 6 months

·         The percentage of properties meeting the following elements of Welsh Housing Quality Standard:

            i) up to date kitchens

            ii) up to date bathrooms

            iii) adequately heated

            iv) in a good state of repair


Priority 2 of Council Theme of ‘Place’ - An environmentally responsible place

Council Plan Measures:

·         Annual percentage reduction on carbon emissions from non-domestic buildings

·         Percentage reduction in carbon emissions from public sector housing across the County Borough since 2011/12

·         The percentage of municipal waste reused, recycling or composted


Priority 4 of Council Theme of ‘Place’ - Well connected communities

Council Plan Measures:

  • Percentage of (A) road network in poor condition.
  • Percentage of (B) road network in poor condition
  • Percentage of (C) road network in poor condition

·         Number of concessionary travel pass journeys per annum

·         The number of broadband exchanges in Wrexham that are ‘SDSL Enabled’

·         Increase the number of business broadband connections


Probable service areas:

  • Homes (Affordable Housing, Council Housing Stock & Social Housing, Homelessness, other housing such as Travellers Sites)
  • Waste Management
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Streetscene services
  • Transport Network/Highway Maintenance



Contact information

Support officer: Craig Stevens. Scrutiny Facilitator

Phone: 01978 292253

Email: craig.stevens@wrexham.gov.uk