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Wrexham Public Services Board (PSB)

To consider the report of the Chief Officer Governance and Customer


The Chief Officer Governance & Customer submitted a report (COGC/35/19s) to receive and consider Wrexham Public Services Board’s (PSB) Annual Report, which had been sent to the scrutiny committee in accordance with legislation and the agreed protocol ‘Wrexham Public Services Board, Accountability and Scrutiny’.  In addition, the report enabled the committee to consider, with the PSB, the role of the scrutiny committee in relation to the PSB and to agree the focus of future scrutiny.


The Chair welcomed Lyndsey Rawlinson (Chair of the PSB), Michael Cantwell (WCBC) and Rob Smith (BCUHB) to the meeting.  The Scrutiny Facilitator provided Members with an overview of the legislative background to the scrutiny of the PSB.  Thereafter the PSB Chair gave an introduction to the Committee highlighting in particular:

- the long term vision of the PSB and the work being undertaken by partners

- the 15 priorities contained in the 5 year Wellbeing Plan and the areas of initial focus

- the importance of sustainability, committed partnership working and embedding the 5 ways of working across partner organisations

- the value in sharing experiences across the 19 PSBs in Wales

- funding matters


The Chair invited members to ask questions of the officers present.  In debate the following matters were raised:


·         Acknowledged that the work of the PSB was in its infancy.

·         The barriers arising from differing procurement processes across partner organisations.  This was an issue that the PSB were committed to addressing.

·         Noted that Welsh Government grant funding was available for specific regional projects.

·         The need to work with the Welsh Government and across organisations to ensure that funding streams were fully and efficiently utilised was stressed.

·         Noted that the part of the role of the Wrexham PSB was to create conditions for effective collaborative working to meet the aims of the Wellbeing Plan.

·         As the priorities of the PSB change different partner representatives needed to be in attendance at different times.  It was noted that a principle of equality of membership remained across the PSB partner organisations.  The Chair of the PSB provided assurance that those in attendance at PSB meetings were committed.

·         Assurance was sought that there were appropriate mechanisms for partners to feedback to their respective organisations on the work of the PSB.  The Chair of the PSB acknowledged that this needed to be done more effectively.

·         The need to identify areas of similarity across PSBs regionally in order to try to reduce potential duplication and to enable opportunities for PSBs to learn from each other.  The PSB Chair advised the Committee that she and several members sat on more than one PSB.

·         The importance of embedding new ways of working into partner organisations to ensure long term sustainability.  The PSB Chair confirmed that this issue continued to be raised with the Commissioner.

·         The need to evaluate in monetary terms the cost to each organisation in supporting the PSB.

·         Requested that more dialogue be undertaken with Community Councils to enable them to feed into the work of the PSB in a meaningful way.

·         The need for clear success measures to enable the Scrutiny Committee to fulfil its monitoring role.

The Chair of the scrutiny committee thanked the Chair of the PSB, PSB Support Officer and representative from BCUHB Area East for their attendance and presentation.




(i)         That the Committee welcome the first year PSB report but recognise that it is in its infancy.


(ii)        That  future PSB Annual Reports include reference to work undertaken within the year, an update on any concerns and issues highlighted in the previous year  and an indication of the costs as a quantifiable input to the PSB. 


(iii)       That the PSB develop measurable outcomes to enable success to be monitored and that these success and impact measurements against the Delivery Plan be included in future PSB Annual Reports.   


(iv)      That the PSB improve links with Community Councils to support them in the delivery of the PSB priorities.


(v)       That the PSB review its membership to ensure that the appropriate Wrexham Council Lead Members are invited.


(vi)      That the PSB reviews its communication and how the work of the PSB is being fed back to its partner organisations.


(vii)     That the PSB raise the difficulties caused by the Welsh Government grant funding conditions with the Welsh Government representatives on the PSB.


(viii)    That the 2019/20 Annual Report be included in the committee’s work programme.

(ix)      That the Partnership Action Plan be shared with members of the committee to enable the committee members to consider any other items for the work programme in the interim.


(x)       That in accordance with the protocol, the Chair submit the committee’s views and recommendations to the PSB via a Chair’s letter for consideration at the next ordinary meeting of the PSB.

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